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Aggressive Legal Advocacy for Personal Injury & Criminal Defense Matters

As both a personal injury and criminal defense lawyer, he fights to protect the legal rights of those who require guidance through the justice system. He has handled numerous cases up and down the court system, from simple litigation all the way up to intensely complex trials.

Why You Need Daniel D. Hajji On Your Side

Navigating through complex criminal justice system or civil trial law involving personal injury cases is never easy. Attorney Daniel D. Hajji works alongside you--as your ally, and your confidant, to uphold your freedoms and champion for your rights.

You can benefit from the following when you work with Attorney Hajj:

  • Professional, personalized, one-on-one legal counsel
  • Affordable, yet high-quality legal services
  • Free case consultations
  • He has been featured on several news programs
  • A solid reputation as a Troy lawyer

He continuously demonstrates dedication to Troy and the surrounding communities. Along with his appearances on area news stations, he stays on top of changes in the laws and has an intimate understanding of the local court system. From misdemeanors to felonies, and the civil court system—there is no case too immense for him to handle.

Relentless Defense for Criminal Charges

When combatting criminal charges, hiring a knowledgeable lawyer for your case is crucial for keeping your freedom and your reputation intact. A lawyer who knows the system can investigate your case thoroughly, and uses the details to build a strategic, effective argument.

Attorney Hajj handles numerous types of cases, including, but not limited to:

Contact Attorney Daniel D. Hajj as soon as possible if you are facing charges!

Unwavering Pursuing of Your Goals

As a victim of an accident, malpractice, or other wrongdoing where you were not at fault, you have several options available to you. What you should never do, however, is stay silent when someone else has committed these against you. You deserve justice—and Attorney Hajj is prepared to fight from the beginning until the very end to get you the proper resolution you need.

Some of the personal injury cases he handles includes:

Reasonable Rates. Quality Legal Services.

Daniel D. Hajji is a skilled Troy lawyer, with over a decade of experience behind him. With a reputation for providing fierce and passionate, dedicated advocacy, he understands the legal system in every aspect of the sense. When legal matters cannot be handled on your own and are out of your control, you must act quickly. Retain his services and you can benefit from superior advocacy, at an affordable cost.

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