Work Related Injuries

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Have you suffered from an injury at work?

We devote the majority of our lives to our work and our profession. When injured at work, it is expected that we will be provided for by our employer and can anticipate to have the medical costs, loss of wages and other damages fully recovered as the incident occurred at our workplace. We have workers compensation to provide us with the finances needed, but as with any government agency, the claims process can be difficult, and if you fail to properly file your claim you may lose certain types of compensation, as it is always required that you provide careful and full documentation. A proven Farmington Hills personal injury lawyer can assist you with work-related injuries in the Farmington Hills area and its surrounding communities. Attorney Daniel D. Hajji is experienced and dedicated to fighting for the rights of injured workers and assists throughout the claims process.

Work Related Injuries and Third Party Claims

Some cases of work injuries have third party liability, such as in cases in which equipment failure contributed to the accident, or another company provided equipment. In cases of explosions, toxic exposure, electrical accidents, scaffolding falls, and equipment failure, it may be possible to seek compensation from a third party. Each case must be fully evaluated and analyzed to determine how to proceed in seeking compensation that truly reflects the injuries and other damages suffered by the worker in the case.

When valid claims have been denied, it is an urgent matter to seek legal representation from our firm. After a painstaking review of your personal injury situation, we can advise you how we will proceed in assisting you in getting your valid claim paid, and if there are negligent third parties, this can also be addressed in your claim. We assist you through the claims process and understand how urgent the matter is for you and your family.

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