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Our area has thousands of trucks of all types moving in and out of the area throughout the day, including huge semi-trucks, 18-wheelers, delivery trucks, work trucks and city vehicles. These heavy trucks travelling the streets and highways in the Oakland County metro area pose a severe hazard to other drivers who share the road. As the truck drivers are frequently in a hurry, or may traverse the same streets day after day, they can become aggressive, inattentive, fatigued or be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When a negligent truck driver is involved in an accident, innocent victims can suffer severe injuries, and in such cases it is vital that you have legal representation from a Oakland County personal injury lawyer.

Truck Accident Lawyer in Oakland County

As the injuries sustained by innocent victims in such cases can be catastrophic or require long term medical care, how the claim for compensation is addressed is critical to the future of the injured. We take pride in our impressive record in recovering fair and full compensation for damages for those who have suffered injury in truck accident cases in the Oakland County area. You can be assured that Attorney Daniel D. Hajji will aggressively pursue the compensation deserved in your injury case.

Many individuals have had life-threatening or permanent damages when involved in an accident with a large truck, and will require a lifetime of medical care. Others may be less severe, but have missed work and needed medical treatment and rehabilitation in trying to recover from the accident. In any truck accident case, our attorney will analyze the situation and determine what damages should be included in the claim or lawsuit. We will ensure that every aspect of your injury accident and damages is aggressively sought from the trucking company insurance company.

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