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Oakland County Slip & Fall Injury Attorney

Slip & Fall injury cases in Oakland County

When visiting a commercial enterprise, private residence or even while walking on the sidewalk in the Oakland County Metro area, we don't expect to encounter a walking hazard that results in an injury. Unfortunately, these accidents do occur and the injuries sustained by the innocent victim can actually be very severe and even lead to a fatality. In less serious slip and fall cases, the victim could suffer bruising, sprains, fractures or other injuries that are painful and create difficulties for the injured. Our firm provides high quality and aggressive legal representation to victims of slip & fall injury cases and will evaluate your situation and advise you as to the best legal course of action. Getting support from a Farmington Hills personal injury lawyer can protect your right to compensation.

Slip & Fall Injury Attorney in Oakland County

After a slip & fall accident, there are certain actions that should be taken in order to document the case. The first priority is always medical attention. In cases in which it is possible, taking pictures of the hazardous area can be important, as after an accident the property owner can quickly take action to repair or remove the hazard. Getting the names, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses to the accident can provide strong support for an injury case. When the injury is so severe that hospitalization is necessary, contacting our firm to document the case with our accident investigation team is an important action.

Never accept a settlement that is offered at the scene of the slip & fall case; in many injury accidents the degree of damage and injury cannot fully be determined until a doctor has evaluated your case. Some types of injuries, such a soft-tissue, sprains and strains don't become evident until a day or two after the accident. Your first call should be for medical assistance and your second is advised to be to Attorney Daniel D. Hajji so that you protect your right to compensation for damages.

Contact a Slip & Fall Injury Attorney from our firm at once after a slip & fall in Oakland County or throughout the Farmington Hills Area.