Personal Injury FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Injury Cases in Farmington and Oakland County Metro Area

How much is my case worth?

Each case must be reviewed in order to determine what can be expected with regard to compensation. Some cases may cover the costs of medical care and loss of wages, while others have had extensive injury or long term treatments, as well as pain and suffering or other damages. Personal injury lawyer Daniel D. Hajji offers a free initial consultation to help you determine how to move forward with your claim.

How long will it take to get a settlement?

Each case is unique and some may require going to trial. Most cases reach a settlement prior to going to court, but if necessary our legal team will fight for the client's right for full compensation for damages in front of a jury. In cases that settle, it can range from a few months up to a longer period of time as the case is negotiated with the insurance company.

Should I accept an offer of settlement?

When you are not represented by a personal injury attorney, you take the risk of accepting an offer far lower than you might expect when supported by a skilled attorney. Insurance companies are aware of the general public's lack of knowledge regarding injury cases and could take advantage of the situation by offering a settlement that is much lower than you could get with legal representation.

How do I choose an attorney?

It is best to find an attorney that will fight for what is fair and will not just urge you to accept the first offer if it is too low. Knowing that you have legal representation that will stand firm and demand what is fair is an important matter. We are determined to fight for what it right for your case.

What can Attorney Daniel D. Hajji help me with?

We are prepared to assist clients in any of the following types of personal injury cases in the Farmington Hills area:

Contact a Farmington Hills Personal Injury Attorney from our firm for skilled legal representation in injury cases of all types.