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About Nursing Home Abuse

Our elderly relatives often get into a condition in which we cannot care for them at home, and in many cases they must be cared for in a nursing home in order to get the care and medical attention they need. We seek out a facility that we believe will provide the level of care for our loved one that they deserve after a lifetime of being a productive member of society. Unfortunately, there are certain personnel or nursing home facilities that have forgotten their duty to their patients and have allowed abuse to occur. In many cases the elderly person is unable to communicate that the abuse has occurred, and it is discovered only through observing bruising or other evidence observed by the family. These cases require immediate legal representation from Farmington Hills personal injury lawyer Daniel D. Hajji, who will fight for the rights of your relative, and file a civil case for damages against the negligent facility or staff. We provide strong legal representation to clients throughout the Oakland County Area.

Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Oakland County

These shocking and tragic cases should be reported at once to the authorities, and legal support from our firm for the civil lawsuit filed against the facility is part of the procedure. Your elderly relative should never be harmed be a cruel member of nursing home staff, but these cases are on the increase as our elderly population grows. Many enterprises hope to cash in on the situation and do not properly train their staff, or allow the residents to be overmedicated in order to keep them quiet and easy to handle.

Elderly people cannot handle large amounts of medication, and when they are in a continuously drugged condition, it can cause severe liver problems or other damages, including loss of life. In other cases, financial abuse has been discovered, or even, most shockingly, physical or even sexual abuse of the residents. In some cases, malnutrition or dehydration, lack of hygiene or other terrible situation is found to have been taking place. If you suspect there is abuse occurring to your relative, contact our firm at once so that the case can be evaluated and the best course of action determined.

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