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There are few more tragic medical cases than those in which a baby is injured through negligence in the birth process. Most births are safely managed by the medical team attending, but in some cases, lack of attention or failure to act quickly when a baby is in distress can result in severe and permanent injury to the child and untold grief for the parents and family. Determining whether negligence contributed to the injuries is crucial in any birth injury claim, and seeking a skilled Oakland County personal injury lawyer to support you is critical if you hope to file a civil lawsuit or claim against a negligent doctor or other medical professional or facility. Our attorney, Daniel D. Hajji, is dedicated to providing compassionate and knowledgeable legal representation to our clients that have suffered this tragic circumstance.

Was your child injured at Birth?

When a child is deprived of oxygen during birth through being trapped in the birth canal, the medical team attending the birth must act quickly. When determining if a doctor was negligent, the details of the case must be fully reviewed. There is an expected level of care and protocols that are followed in any birth, and careful monitoring of the baby is part of the process. If the doctor failed to act quickly when the baby was in distress, the results can be tragic, including severe brain damage or even loss of life.

There are a number of serious conditions that can affect a child that has been the victim of medical malpractice during the birth process, including cerebral palsy, Erb's palsy, brachial plexus and brain damage. In some cases the child will suffer from disabilities for the rest of their lives, and the costs of caring for an injured child is extensive. We want to provide the best quality of life possible and have access to newer treatments as they are discovered. The claim for compensation for damages filed on behalf of the injured child must reflect all the damages suffered, including the loss of quality of life and the costs of the medical care and future financial losses. We are dedicated to providing compassionate legal representation with concern for the future of the child as our top priority.

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