Drunk Driving Accidents

Oakland County Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

Have you been injured by a Drunk Driver?

We have our share of irresponsible drivers in the Oakland County Metro area, including those who, despite all penalties and warnings, drive drunk. These drivers are the cause of a large number of injury accidents throughout the country, and Farmington Hills is no exception. When a vehicle operator is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, their reaction time is greatly reduced, and they may not even be aware of other drivers sharing the road. They often speed, run red lights and weave through lanes, or turn into oncoming traffic. Innocent drivers and pedestrians are often the victims of these negligent drivers, and when injuries result from a drunk driver accident, it is strongly advised that you contact a Oakland County car accident attorney at once.

Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer in Oakland County

Our practice is dedicated to fighting for the rights of the injured in all types of injury cases, and we take cases involving drunk driving accidents very seriously. The injured client was entirely innocent and became a victim of a criminally negligent driver. Such cases must be addressed with a lawsuit filed against the responsible party and every type of damage suffered will be included in the claim. When an individual risks the lives of those around them through drunk driving, we are prepared to aggressively seek a settlement that is fair for our client, based on the injuries, financial damages and we may seek punitive damages in many cases.

Never try to deal with insurance companies on your own; they are generally difficult to work with and demand extensive documentation for every type of claim. We are very experienced in gathering all the necessary documentation and filing a comprehensive claim for our clients. It is critical that you contact our attorney as soon as possible after the accident, and that you don't discuss the case with the insurance company until you have legal support.

Contact a Oakland County Drunk Driving Accident Attorney from our firm as soon as can be managed after the drunk driving accident.