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Injured by a dog bite?

When a pet owner fails to properly train their dog and the dog subsequently injures someone by biting, the owner is considered liable for the damage to the victim. These cases have become more common in recent years as more and more individuals in the Oakland County area get pets for companionship. Many pet owners don't realize the degree of care that a dog needs, including training so that they do not become a vicious animal. When such a dog, poorly trained, or not trained at all, bites another person, the injuries and damages can be extensive. Dog bites are very dangerous and can cause bad infections, severe scarring and emotional trauma to the victim. Unfortunately the victims are often children and due to their height, the injuries are often to the face, neck and shoulders. Any such case requires the skilled assistance from a Oakland County personal injury attorney Daniel D. Hajji. Your case will be fully reviewed to determine how to proceed with a lawsuit against the dog's owner.

Dog Bite Lawyer in Oakland County

Vicious biting dogs being allowed to roam through neighborhoods creates a serious danger to the other residents and those passing through the area. No dog that is a danger to others should be in an area in which they can inflict damage on the innocent. Some believe that they have a "good dog" because it will attack those that enter their property; this can also create an extreme hazard should the dog get loose or a child get near to the area in which it is kept.

If you or a family member has been injured by a vicious biting dog, it is critical that you act quickly. At the time of the accident, determining who owns the dog can be important to the case. Reporting the animal to the authorities at once is an urgent matter, as other may suffer the same damage if the dog is allowed to continue to roam freely. Getting immediate medical attention is the most important action to take, and then immediately contacting our office to initiate the legal claim to recover compensation for the damages suffered in the incident. We can send out a professional to take pictures and get witness statements if necessary.

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