Dangerous Products

Dangerous Products and Personal Injury Cases

Have you suffered injuries or damages from a dangerous product?

Many of the products entering our country are now produced overseas in a variety of countries in which the labor is far cheaper than in the U.S.A. While this provides higher profits for the corporations that produce the items, these overseas plants may not have the stringent restrictions that our U.S.A. manufacturers are required to follow. This can lead to the production of dangerous items that then cause damage to the consumer who innocently purchased the product. In other cases, the product may even have been produced within our borders, but a design flaw may lead to serious injury, illness or even death. In any such case, it is critical that you contact Oakland County personal injury attorney Daniel D. Hajji at once.

Dangerous Product Injury Attorney in Oakland County

The dangerous products that have led to severe injury include such items as faulty auto parts, toys, baby furniture such as cribs, medications, clothing and thousands of other items that have later been determined to be dangerous or deadly for the consumer. In any such case, the documentation of the incident and the damages suffered in the case must be included in the civil suit filed against the negligent party. In some cases, more than one corporation is included in the claim, and carefully determining all liable parties is a necessary part of product liability cases.

We provide high quality representation to those who have suffered damages in dangerous products cases, and will evaluate your situation to advise you what to expect in the case as it progresses through the courts. In many cases, the claim is settled prior to going to trial, but should it be necessary to fight for what is right in court, we will be prepared and present a compelling case for our client.

Contact a Oakland County Product Liability Attorney from our firm without delay if injured through the use of a commercial product. We serve clients throughout the Farmington Hills area.