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An injury sustained in a vehicle accident can destroy your life, temporarily or permanently. Few accidents do not result in some type of injury to those involved. Many traffic accidents result in severe or catastrophic injuries and even death. If you or a loved one has been injured, you already know that in addition to the physical ordeal of the required medical care, the suffering takes its toll, not to mention the loss of income while the wage-earning injured person or caretaker is unable to work.

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Fears for the future are also a stress factor for both the injured and any family members that have been affected. You may wonder if the injuries will permanently prevent you from working in your chosen field. You are probably very concerned about how to pay for medical and living expenses now and in the future. Such worry is very well founded. Many people lose their health and livelihood due to vehicular accidents, slip & fall, medical malpractice or other injury accidents. An experienced Oakland County personal injury attorney can calm your worries, answer your questions and help you gain the compensation you deserve so you can focus on the healing process.

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When you talk to Attorney Daniel D. Hajji, you will be comforted by his knowledge of personal injury cases and impressed by his compassion and expertise. He will give you the legal support you need, analyzing your case carefully to determine the type of compensation you may be eligible to receive such as medical bills, future medical costs, permanent injuries, pain and suffering and lost income or wages. Then he will go to bat for you and be your representative to the insurance companies and, if necessary, the courts, and be the tough negotiator you need to get you the best compensation package possible.

At our office, the legal team handles all of the following types of claims:

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Personal Injury Law Firm

It is no secret that dealing with an insurance claim is a time-consuming, frustrating and ultimately disappointing task for an individual. You can put a lot of work into your claim but can you ever really be sure that you are being offered a fair settlement? An experienced attorney can make all the difference. Making a claim airtight may require consultation with medical experts, economic forecasting, life care consultants and other experts who can provide supporting evidence.

Attorney Daniel D. Hajji has the resources to fully substantiate a claim so that the insurance companies are more likely to settle for the amount that is actually required for the injured person to be able to move on and re-establish a livable life. Your future is at stake when you have sustained an injury in an accident, medical error or other incident in which another individual has been negligent. You deserve to have a good future. Attorney Daniel D. Hajji will fight for your future while you concentrate on the healing process.

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