Weapons Charges

Weapon Charges in Oakland County

If you own any kind of weapon without legal required documents, you may be vulnerable to weapons charges which carry serious life-altering penalties. In addition to possession, weapon manufacture and sales are grounds for criminal weapons charges. Using coercion on others by means of a weapon such as a firearm, gun, or knife in order to commit a crime carries extreme penalties. Even if you are not faced with weapons charges of such a great magnitude, do not take these accusations lightly.

You could be facing jail time, fines, probation and a permanent criminal record which can bar you from certain professional licenses and employment. Even if a weapon which may not belong to you is found on your property or nearby your person, you could be facing sobering punishment from law enforcement for something you didn't do. You need a criminal defense lawyer who can fight aggressively for your rights and your future. Speak with an Oakland County criminal defense attorney today. We serve clients throughout Michigan.

Oakland County Weapon Charges Attorney

It is important when dealing with criminal charges to act quickly. The sooner you speak with an attorney, the more time your legal representation will have to build a strong defense case. Weapons offenses are most often seen as felonies by the court. Rarely, they are charged as misdemeanors. The severity of the punishment varies depending on what was done with the weapon and whether or not there was anyone injured. For a felony weapons offense, the minimum jail time sentence is four years with a maximum sentence of twelve years in prison.

At our firm, we pride ourselves on tough and skilled legal defense. If you are being charged with a weapons offense, Attorney Daniel D. Hajji may be able to assist you in overcoming harsh penalties. An attorney may be able to prove that the evidence procured by law enforcement was done illegally. Without an attorney, you may have no defense and could possibly face the full punishment of the law.

Contact a Weapon Charges Defense Attorney today if you are facing penalties for weapon possession, manufacture, or sales.