Oakland County Arrest Warrant Attorney

Arrest warrants are legal documents which allow law enforcement agencies to arrest the named person on the warrant without delay. The state issues the warrant for the person's immediate detention and an arrest is made from the authorization of the warrant. In the United States a warrant must be supported by legal documents which show that someone has probable cause to believe that the person named has committed a crime and it is signed under oath. An arrest warrant could be issued with your name on it without you even knowing about it.

Arrest warrants differ from bench warrants (which are warrants that summon a person to appear before a court) in that they are acted upon quite swiftly. If your warrant was issued at the request of law enforcement, chances are they will waste no time in pursuing you. An arrest warrant allows officers to arrest you at any time of the day, anywhere regardless of your guilt. Speak with an Oakland County criminal defense attorney immediately.

Arrest Warrants in Michigan

Anyone who is facing an arrest warrant should avail themselves of legal representation immediately. If you decide to continue without an attorney you are putting yourself at risk. Any statements you make following your arrest can be used against you later in your case. The sensible thing to do is ask for an attorney and make no statements at all until you can speak with them.

If you believe you currently have an arrest warrant issued in your name, speak with a lawyer at our firm without delay. Attorney Daniel D. Hajji has successfully assisted those who are facing arrest. He will fight for the dismissal of your warrant. Our goal is to free you from the arrest process without delay.

Contact an Oakland County Warrant Attorney immediately if you believe there is a warrant that has been issued with your name on it.