Violent Crimes

Oakland County Violent Crime Defense Attorney

Violent Crimes

If you have been arrested and charged with a violent crime you may be feeling shocked. Prosecutors and judges and citizens in general want to remove violent individuals from their midst. The laws regarding these crimes are tough and the penalties if convicted are stiff. It is urgent that you are represented by an Oakland County criminal defense attorney right away.

In the many years of representing clients charged with a violent crime, Attorney Daniel D. Hajji has become even more determined to protect the rights of his clients.

Violent Crime Defense Lawyer in Oakland County

As an experienced violent crime defense attorney, Attorney Daniel D. Hajji knows what you are facing and has a great deal of experience in challenging the prosecution's evidence. No matter how bad it may seem now, but something can be done. Eyewitness testimony can be challenged. Often an eyewitness's description of the event or the offender will just not match up. Police investigative procedures are not always correct and a judge may become convinced that some evidence is not admissible (can't be used by the prosecution) which weakens the prosecutor's case.

Attorney Daniel D. Hajji works closely with a client to develop a strong defense strategy and have had numerous successes representing clients and obtaining favorable outcomes in the face of great odds. A jury must have no reasonable doubt about the guilt of the accused in order come back with a guilty verdict. An aggressive criminal defense lawyer's job is to raise reasonable doubt. Attorney Daniel D. Hajji is committed to protecting a client's best interests, and fight relentlessly when a client's rights and future are at stake. Call Attorney Daniel D. Hajji for a free consultation immediately.

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