Theft & Property Crimes

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Theft & Property Crimes

Being arrested and charged with a crime is a traumatic experience in itself. Then there is the future to face. Having to inform family members, facing a trial, and if convicted time in jail are all difficult prospects. If you are in such a situation, it is urgent you get an Oakland County criminal defense attorney to help you and protect your reputation. My staff and I have successfully helped numerous clients throughout Michigan charged with theft and property crimes.

Theft & Property Crime Lawyer in Oakland County

Michigan law treats theft crimes very harshly. Anyone charged with a theft crime is facing serious consequences. Theft means the intentional taking of property without the consent of the owner and for the benefit of the offender.

  • Robbery (taking possession of property by force)
  • Credit card fraud
  • Retail fraud (shoplifting)
  • Embezzlement (stealing from an employer)
  • Home Invasion (stealing after entering a place without permission)

Since the circumstances leading up to an arrest are different for each person, when you talk with your criminal defense lawyer, it is vital to relay everything which occurred. With full information of a client's viewpoint and experienced theft and property crime defense attorney can investigate to locate facts and events which the client may not have known in order to begin to develop a strategy to obtain a positive result. The evidence the prosecutor has is not always enough for a conviction. Witnesses may not be reliable. I have years of expertise on which to draw while carrying out my investigation of the facts. My highest priority is always my client's best interests.

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