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Prostitution: Information & Penalties

Laws regarding prostitution make it illegal to engage in sexual acts in exchange for money or another form of compensation. It is also illegal to act as a middleman and organize these services. Section 750.448-750.462 gives information regarding the different offenses relating to prostitution. It is against the law to solicit another person for the purpose of committing prostitution or another lewd act. If someone owns a property and allows prostitution to go on with their knowledge, they could also be punished under this law.

Those who are found guilty of any of these offenses could be charged with a misdemeanor and put in jail for up to 93 days as well as fined up to $500. If the accused was over the age of 16 when the crime was committed, they could be put in jail for up to 1 year as well as fined up to $1,000. If you were accused of pandering, persuading a female to be a prostitute, you could be guilty of a felony. This crime is taken so seriously that you could be left facing up to 20 years in state prison.

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