Theft Crimes: Robbery

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Under the Michigan Penal Code §§750.529-750.531 (2011), there are several different types of robbery, each with their own specific charges and penalties. Robbery differs from other theft crimes in that it involves a certain degree of force. Stealing something of value while the owner was not present could be a theft crime. If the owner was present, it then becomes robbery because force or violence was involved.

When car theft takes place and is completed by threatening the driver or owner, it is charged as carjacking. This offense is viewed so seriously by the Michigan authorities that it is charged as a felony. It is defined as taking a motor vehicle by force or by threatening violence. If the driver is caused to fear for their safety or for their life, it could be a case of carjacking. If the individual was found guilty of other charges related to the same offense, the penalties for carjacking will be added to the other sentences.

Larceny is another felony offense. When an individual steals money or another type of property by putting the owner in fear for their safety or by using actual violence, they could be sent to prison for up to 15 years. The victim does not necessarily have to be the owner, but anyone who was present at the time. If someone attempts to rob a bank or other type of safe or vault, they could be found guilty of a felony. What makes this robbery is the fact that they threatened people with violence with the intent of stealing. Lastly, any types of theft where the individual has a dangerous weapon or states that they have a dangerous weapon could be found guilty of a felony. If they seriously injure anyone in the process, they will be facing a minimum of two years in prison.

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If you were accused of robbery or unarmed robbery in Michigan, there are several ways which our team could defend you. The first way is by proving that you are in fact innocent. We could examine every aspect of your case and challenge all of the evidence which the authorities believe that they have against you. If there were any illegal practices in your case, such as illegal search and seizure, this could affect the case in your favor. Another way is through showing you were under duress and were forced to take part in the crime.

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