Juvenile Crimes

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Accused of a Juvenile Crime in Michigan?

Having your child arrested and charged with a crime can be a very emotional even frightening experience. After the initial shock starts to wear off, a parent often begins to feel angry. Keep in mind that your child may be even more frightened than you. Depending upon the age of your child and the type of charge he or she is facing, keeping the trial in juvenile court may be the first battle to be won. Time is so important in these cases. Getting experienced representation for your child can mean the difference between going through life as a convicted felon and facing life with a clean criminal record.

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Why do you need an aggressive defense lawyer?

As an experienced juvenile crime defense attorney, I understand that children can be led astray or make mistakes in judgment due to a lack of experience or understanding the consequences of their actions. Juvenile court treats child offenders very differently than an adult court. For example a juvenile convicted in an adult court may have that conviction on his or her criminal record for life which will close the door on many future opportunities.

Prosecutors often prefer to try older children as adults. This places the child in jeopardy of being incarcerated with more experienced, hardened offenders if convicted. Juvenile court emphasizes rehabilitation of young offenders so penalties are geared toward helping the child change direction and channel that youthful energy into constructive activities. Usually after completing all juvenile court requirements, such as community service, drug or alcohol rehabilitation, and so forth, the conviction can be expunged (erased) from the child's record.

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