Charged with a Felony in Oakland County?

Assistance from an Oakland County Criminal Defense Attorney

Between misdemeanors and felonies, felonies are considered the more serious crimes. In the state of Michigan, a felony is punishable by a state prison sentence. These sentences are usually accompanied by expensive fines. A few examples of felonies include robbery, criminal sexual conduct (in the first, second and third degrees), possession or use of certain dangerous drugs, resisting and obstructing, breaking and entering into a house or business and firarm offenses. The most extreme felony is murder, which can result in life in prison.

If you have been arrested for a felony, this means that you are at risk of being sent to prison and possibly suffering from other harsh penalties upon conviction. A felony conviction will also cause you to be labeled a convicted felon, which will undoubtedly make it extremely difficult for you to find work in the future. When you future is in this type of danger, you need to take immediate action and secure the help of a competent defense attorney! Attorney Daniel Hajji has been representing clients charged with felony charges for over a decade and will fight for the best posible outcome of your case. Attorney Daniel Hajji Oakland County criminal defense lawyer has more than a decade of legal experience, which can be used to help strengthen your defense.

Aggressive Defense Against Your Felony Charges

There are various ways that a criminal defense attorney can help you protect yourself from criminal charges, especially felony charges. For example, your criminal lawyer may be able to challenge the charges based on the fact that there is insufficient evidence, that the evidence being used by prosecutors was illegally obtained or has been compromised in some way, that officers violated your rights during the investigation or arrest process, lack of probable cause to arrest, that there is evidence proving your innocence, etc. When you hire our criminal defense firm, we meticulously review the facts of your case to determine what the best approach is for your defense. Attorney Hajji has an impressive track record for success. Contact us so we can help you fight for a favorable outcome in your criminal case!