White Collar Crimes

Oakland County White Collar Crime Attorney

About White Collar Crimes

If you have been accused of or charged with a white collar crime, do not fail to take this seriously. It is vital you get help from an Oakland County criminal defense attorney immediately. No matter how innocent you maybe, talking to the police will not help you. Police investigators have a job to do which is to find and gather evidence that a crime has been committed and make that evidence available to a prosecutor. A prosecutor is intent on getting a conviction for the most serious charge possible based on the evidence provided by police investigators. Talk to no one except your defense attorney.

White Collar Crime Lawyer in Oakland County

A white collar crime attorney must also be a gifted investigator, able to unearth facts and information that investigators overlooked, which may cause the prosecutor to lessen the charge or drop it altogether. "White collar crime" includes a variety of non-violent criminal acts most often committed by a business or professional person, such as:

A competent defense lawyer and his or her client should operate together as a team. A team effort is always more creative and effective than a single individual acting alone. Be aware that the prosecution has a huge team and has already gathered evidence to make its case, so it is important to start your defense investigation as early as possible. Work with a white collar defense lawyer who is responsive to your needs. Call Attorney Daniel D. Hajji for a free consultation and begin building your defense immediately.