Criminal Defense FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions: Charged with a Crime in Oakland County

I have been charged with a serious crime and the accusations are false. What should I do?

False accusations are not uncommon, but being innocent is not enough. As you have already been charged, this indicates that the State Prosecutor or City Attorney feel there is enough evidence to convict you. You must act immediately and contact an Oakland County criminal defense attorney to assist you in defending your case. There are innocent individuals serving time in state prison right now due to a failure to get a strong defense attorney. Who you choose to represent you can make or break your case.

Will I go to jail?

Many serious crimes have extensive prison sentences as part of the penalty. Some have mandatory jail time if convicted. With a thorough review of the evidence against you, the best course of action for the defense can be determined and immediately initiated. The actions you take after the arrest have much to do with the outcome of the case. Getting powerful legal representation from Attorney Daniel D. Hajji can assist you in fighting to avoid conviction or in seeking alternative sentencing, a plea bargain or other improved outcome.

Isn't a defense lawyer expensive?

Many defense attorneys charge large fees for their services. We have determined that we can offer our services in many cases at a flat rate, avoiding the hourly charges you would face with most law offices. This assists our clients and allows them to get high quality legal representation with a better idea of the cost involved. Some large law firms not only treat you like "just another number" - you may rarely meet or hear from the attorney, although you will be charged their hourly rate for every action that takes place. That is not our philosophy or our way of doing business with our clients.

What can your firm help me with?

Our law firm assists clients in any of the following types of legal matters related to criminal cases:

Contact Attorney Daniel D. Hajji at once if you have been arrested and charged with a crime, or are under investigation for any criminal offense, either state or federal.