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What is expungement?

Expungement refers to the process of legally destroying a criminal record. In other words the criminal record is hidden from the general public. Michigan law allows a person to apply to have one conviction expunged so that the record is made nonpublic in a criminal record check. However, the criminal conviction that has been made nonpublic to future employers would still be available to a court, a law enforcement agency, certain licensing agencies and other government agencies that are specific to the law. To find out if you are eligible for expungement, contact an Oakland County criminal attorney.

Who can apply to make a criminal record nonpublic?

You can apply to have your record expunged if you have only one conviction (felony or misdemeanor). What's more, most federal convictions cannot be expunged; however, they may be able to be pardoned under certain circumstances. A person can apply for an expungement in Michigan under the following conditions:

  • You only have one conviction; If two, one must be a minor 90-day misdemeanor that was committed before you were 21.
  • Your conviction was not an actual or attempted crime which is punishable by life in prison;
  • Your conviction was not for an actual or attempted sexual offense in the second degree (felony);
  • The conviction was not for actual or attempted sexual offense in the third degree (felony);
  • The conviction was not for actual or attempted assault with the intent to commit a sexual offense (felony);
  • The conviction was not for a traffic offense; and
  • It's been more than 5 years since your sentence was imposed or completed.

Moreover, a person with one "minor offense" that was committed before turning 21 may request to have the more serious offense expunged from their record. A minor offense is considered one that carries a maximum jail time of 90 days and/or a fine less than $1,000.

Protect Your Future: Have Your Records Expunged

Having your criminal record sealed or expunged can be extremely beneficial when it comes to employment opportunities now and down the road. One of the greatest aspects of a person's life that are affected by a criminal record is their employment pursuits. If your criminal records are eligible for expungement, we highly recommend that you contact our law firm to begin the application process.

The process itself is detailed and our firm would like to help give you the greatest opportunity for having your records successfully expunged. Contact criminal defense attorney Daniel D. Hajji to learn more about the expungement process and whether or not you qualify for expungement to set aside your conviction.

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