Oakland County Cocaine Lawyer

Facing charges for cocaine?

Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant which has the ability to produce a euphoric feeling that lasts from 15 minutes to 1 hour. When a person consumes cocaine in one of its forms, either snorting, injecting, or smoking (crack cocaine) they temporarily gain a feeling of strength or confidence. Cocaine is considered to be very dangerous, and listed in schedule 2 of the federal Controlled Substances Act. Even the smallest amount of cocaine found in your possession could lead to a jail sentence with a large monetary fine. If you have been charged with any type of cocaine offense, you need a skilled Oakland County criminal defense attorney on your side immediately. Our lead attorney, Daniel D. Hajji is a premiere Oakland County cocaine defense attorney who has a reputation for outstanding work in drug crime defense. For over 10 years, our firm has built its reputation by undertaking a thorough investigation of every detail of the evidence and circumstances, and then crafting a compelling case for our clients.

Cocaine Penalties: Possession, Possession with Intent, Trafficking

Cocaine is believed to be the second most popular illegal recreational drug in our country. It is second only to marijuana. Cocaine possession is a felony, and the penalties imposed upon an offender will be based upon the quantity of the substance alleged to have been in your possession or under your control, as well as whether it is believed that you were involved in distribution of the drug into the community. If you are caught with 50 grams you can be put in prison for 4 years and pay a $25,000 fine. If you were in possession of 50 to 440 grams of cocaine you can go to prison for up to 20 years and pay a fine of $250,000. If there are weapons charges associated with your arrest, the situation is far more serious, and there will be enhanced penalties imposed upon you if you are convicted as well as mandatory prison time.

Defending Against Cocaine Charges in Oakland County

If you are facing charges and accused of any level of cocaine offense, our firm is ready to move into action for you. We will make your case a priority, and focus on gaining any advantage for you, including taking action to have the charges dismissed when possible. If you are a victim of illegal search and seizure, we will zealously protect your rights and seek to have the evidence against you suppressed. Contact our firm immediately if you are accused of a cocaine charge or other drug charges. The earlier we get to work on your case, the more options there could be for your defense.