Domestic Violence

Oakland County Domestic Violence Attorney

What is Domestic Violence?

Any threat of violence, violent act or abusive behavior which occurs between people who are married or live together, were married or lived together, dated or were engaged can be termed "Domestic Violence" such as;

  • Domestic assault
  • Domestic abuse
  • Stalking
  • Domestic battery
  • Violating a restraining order or personal protection order (PPO)
  • And more

An arrest for even a "minor" domestic abuse incident creates a serious situation for the accused individual. Any individual accused of domestic violence needs the assistance of an experienced Oakland County criminal defense attorney. Defense of an individual from this charge presents some complex issues to a defendant and his or her attorney. Attorney Daniel D. Hajji has many years of experience in helping clients facing domestic violence charge or accusation.

Domestic Violence Lawyer in Oakland County

In many domestic violence situations there are no witnesses other than the two individuals, the accuser and the accused. In order for the accused to be charged there does not need to be any physical evidence of harm, just a complaint may be enough in some cases. The accuser's statement that he or she felt threatened by the defendant and was or is in fear of injury can be sufficient for an arrest. An experienced domestic violence lawyer understands that preparing an effective defense depends upon independently gathering factual and full information which can be used to challenge the prosecution's evidence, witnesses and procedures. Attorney Daniel D. Hajji has a goal and that is to achieve the best possible outcome for his client's interest in mind.

Domestic violence charges do not go away easily. Even if the accuser later regrets making the accusation or tries to undo pressing charges, prosecutors take a serious view of domestic violence complaints and generally prefer to proceed with prosecution in these cases despite the accuser's insistence to drop the charge. Depending upon the type of charge, conviction may result in probation or jail time, anger management education, a permanent record of the conviction and more. It may be possible to resolve your case without going to trial; however it is important to know that when it is necessary you are represented by a criminal defense lawyer who is prepared to aggressively defend you in court. Call Attorney Daniel D. Hajji for a free consultation.

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