Professional License Defense

Professional License Defense

Protection for your Professional License

Professionals that have been arrested for a DUI may face serious consequences. DUI/ OWI offenses are embarrassing and costly. In addition, the negative impact that they can have on a professional individual's reputation can be devastating. The loss of a professional license is an unfortunate reality in many of these cases. With the loss of a professional license, many will also lose their livelihood and careers, not to mention everything they have worked for. That is why if you speak with an Oakland County DUI lawyer from our firm we will do everything in our power to assist you.

In many cases, we have been able to get the charges brought against our clients dropped. If an individual has a professional license, they will be able to avoid any of the penalties involved with it. We understand that in many cases, our clients are upstanding citizens that made a momentary mistake. In other circumstances, the accuracy of the BAC level results may be in question. Our skilled DUI attorney protects the rights of individuals and professionals facing charges of DUI, including doctor DUI, lawyer DUI, nurse DUI, dentist DUI, orthodontist DUI, and education professionals & DUI.

DUI Lawyer serving Oakland County

If you are facing loss of professional licensure, we may be able to minimize the penalties that you may face in this regard. In addition, we have been able to get the charges dropped for many of our clients. We can represent our clients in all types of administrative proceedings from health boards to state boards. We will fight for your reputation and ability to work. We understand how difficult this is and can help you to better understand the process if you call our firm today. We have helped many to overcome these serious charges and may be able to assist you too.

Contact an Oakland County DUI lawyer today if you have lost your license.