Field Sobriety Tests

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Understanding Field Sobriety Tests in DUI Cases

When you have been pulled over in suspicion of a DUI/OWI, there are several tests that law enforcement will run you through in attempts to verify that you were indeed operating your motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. To assist officers in their ability to verify and establish probably cause to arrest intoxicated drivers, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has established standardized testing.

Some most commonly used field sobriety tests include the one leg stand (where the motorist must stand with a leg raised six inches off the ground for thirty seconds), the horizontal gaze nystagmus (where the eye will involuntarily twitch or jerk), and walk and turn (where the motorist is instructed and then walk in a straight line heel-to-toe with arms down). These tests, however, can be subjective and if the officer is improperly trained, they can be administered incorrectly. To ensure that your rights are being protected, do not hesitate to contact a skilled Oakland County DUI Attorney as quickly as possible.

Defense Against Field Sobriety Tests in Oakland County

Attorney Daniel D. Hajji is compassionate to the severity of cases involving DUI/OWI. The consequences are no laughing matter and can carry with them life-altering ramifications. For this reason, Attorney Daniel D. Hajji has dedicated himself to ensuring that his clients are consistently treated with the high-quality legal defense that they deserve. Although field sobriety tests are commonly used in cases of DUI, a failed one does not necessarily mean that you will be convicted. There are defenses that he can utilize in situations such as this, and if you choose to work with him, you can breathe easier knowing that he will pursue every available option to him to protect your rights.

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