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Law enforcement can pull over any driver they suspect of drunken driving. A police fficer may conduct field sobriety tests and if the officer believes that the driver is intoxicated and unable to operate the vehicle safely based on probable cause, the officer may make an arrest for operating while intoxicated (OWI) or simlar charge, such as impaired driving. A DUI charge is a serious offense with significant consequences of one's livelihood and is costly. A drunk driving conviction may result in loss or suspension of professional licenses and disqualify individuals from seeking ceratin jobs, career opportunities or schools of choice.

Attorney Daniel D. Hajji can defend clients faced with DUI allegations. It is important to contact an Oakland County DUI lawyer for legal advice and guidance following an arrest for a DUI. Attorney Daniel D. Hajji is experienced in all areas of DUI defense and has helped many clients inside and outside of the courtroom who were facing DUI charge throughout Oakland County, Macomb County, Wayne County and surrounding areas.

Defenses against DUI Charges

Tests used to determine the alcohol level in a driver are not particularly reliable. Administration of the tests occurs in an uncontrolled environment on the side of a road next to the pulled over car. Many of the tests are at night when it is dark outside and visibility is limited. A nervous driver may be mistaken for a drunken driver and unable to pass all steps of a sobriety test. In the case of a traffic collision, people may automatically jump to the conclusion that it was due to a drunken driver when other factors may have been the cause of an accident.

Defense has the right to challenge evidence presented by prosecution in a DUI charge and can include the following:

  • Sobriety and blood alcohol test accuracy
  • Arrest procedures
  • Witness statements

A DUI conviction can mean jail time, fines, probation, driver's license suspension or restrictions, community service, alcohol classes and other penalties. Many factors can affect the degree of punishment such as a light sentence for a first time offense or multiple DUI offenses resulting in maximum penalties. Attorney Daniel D. Hajji defends clients with the goal of lessened charges or dismissed drunk driving or drug driving cases. He understands that a future of a client is at stake when fighting DUI charges. Make an appointment today for a consultation with a qualified DUI defense attorney, Daniel D. Hajji

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