DUI FAQ: Cases in Michigan

Oakland County DUI Lawyer

Will I spend time in jail?

Our state laws allow for jail time to be part of the penalty, even in a first time DUI conviction. This embarrassing and humiliating experience was determined to be a deterrent for those who might choose to drive drunk. It is crucial that you contact an Oakland County DUI lawyer at once if you have been arrested and charged with DUI in Oakland or Macomb County. We can help.

Will I lose my license?

It depends. You will lose your full driving privileges as a part of any DUI conviction. There could be viable opportunities to defend your case, and you should have it evaluated at once.

What I have an earlier conviction for DUI?

Those who are deemed to be "habitual offenders" face very serious penalties. It is dangerous to proceed for even a day without a committed and proven defense lawyer on your case.

What types of DUI charges does Daniel D. Hajji defend?

We provide committed and proven defense in all types of DUI charges, including but not limited to:

How will a DUI conviction affect my professional license?

Some types of professional licenses can be lost with a conviction in a serious DUI case. Those who have prior convictions, or have been charged with a felony DUI are in danger or losing their ability to practice their profession. Even a first time DUI conviction will be detrimental to your professional reputation, and a fast, confidential and effective address to your case is very important. We are here to help all licensed professionals in resolving DUI cases, with your best interests as our focus.

Contact an Oakland County DUI attorney from our firm for fast, high quality and aggressive defense of DUI charges of all types.