Breath & Blood Tests

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Defending Against Breath & Blood Tests

One of the many ways that law enforcement will verify that a driver is indeed operating under the influence of alcohol in a case of suspected DUI/OWI, is by administering a breath or blood test. These are done to check the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of the driver. In the state of Michigan, it is law the all drivers must consent to these tests if they have been arrested for drunk driving or drug driving, and a test refusal will often lead to criminal penalties and driving privilege suspension, also known as “Implied Consent Violation.”

After a refusal of the breath test, the officer must provide you with a temporary permit “paper license” so that you can drive for 14 days and rights to file an appeal. This appeal must be taken within 14 days from the date of your arrest. In most cases, it is usually a good idea to file the appeal. You should contact a DUI Attorney immediately after your release from jail to help you fight to keep your driver’s license and advise you what steps to take.

Why Hire a DUI Attorney?

Just because you have failed a breath and blood test does not mean that it result in a OWI or DUI conviction. Attorney Daniel D. Hajji has seen first-hand how these tests can be inaccurate and faulty, and he is uniquely equipped to assist you at combating these charges made against you. By exhaustively researching your case, meticulously preparing and aggressively pursuing your optimum outcome, you can be confident that he will leave no stone unturned in handling your DUI case. If you choose to work with him, you can breathe easier knowing that your future is in completely trustworthy hands.

Have you failed a breath or blood test? Don't hesitate! Contact us today to help combat the charges held against you.