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An individual can become involved in assault and battery in a number of ways. In an attempt to protect yourself from an aggressive individual you manage to push your attacker away, but he falls, and then accuses you of assault. An argument turns into a fight between two or more others, but later someone identifies you as a participant. Whatever the circumstances if you have been charged with assault, or assault and battery, it is vital you get the assistance of an Oakland County criminal defense attorney. We are ready and able to meet with you and take immediate action on your behalf. We have successfully served clients throughout Michigan for many years.

Assault & Battery Defense Lawyer in Oakland County

When one person causes another to fear he or she may be physically harmed (such as threatening to strike a person) this is called assault. When a physical object is used to threaten or cause the other person to be in fear of injury (such as a stick or a knife) this can be called assault with a deadly weapon. If the person is actually touched this is called battery. A person who has been charged with simple assault and battery may be charged with a misdemeanor charge with a maximum penalty of up to 93 days in jail or $500 fine, or both. Assault and battery which results in serious injury depending upon the specific circumstances could result in a fine of several thousand dollars and 10 or more years in prison. Having a skilled assault and battery lawyer on your side could make the difference between having a conviction on your record or no conviction at all.

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