Drug Defenses in Michigan

Drug Defenses in Michigan

In Michigan and especially throughout Detroit and the Metro Detroit Area, drug arrests have become rampant. Most arrests for drug possession charges stem from Michigan Compiled Law 333.7401 and 7103. For this statute someone who knowingly or intentionally possessing a controlled substance or controlled substance analogue can face severe punishment, including but not limited to, a permanent criminal record, jail/prison, fines, costs, probation and loss of driving privileges. Click here to read more about the statute.

There are certain drug defenses and circumstances that can lead to a reduction or dismissal of a drug charge, such as possession of marijuana, use of cocaine, delivery and manufacturing of controlled substances. A good drug defense attorney will first start by evaluating the facts of your particular case. This is a multi-step process to be performed by a drug defense attorney in Michigan.

The first step in defending a drug case is to gather all of the evidence in the possession of the Prosecutor. This is done by putting the Prosecutor on notice with what's called 'Disclosure Demands.' Once your drug defense attorney receives this evidence, he or she must disect the evidence under the eyes of a microscope seraching for challengable legal issues such as constitutional violations.

The next step in this process is to bring a motion to suppress evidence or dismiss the charge for lack of evidence, if applicable. If the charge is a felony drug offense in Michigan, then a preliminary exam may expose such issues to be later litigated in a Michigan Circuit Court.

The last step is to prepare for a drug defense jury trial if all pre-trial motions have been exhausted and denied by the Judge. Preparations for jury selection and trial thoeries is essential and much time is needed to develope a good drug defense strategy.

Not all attorneys are qualified to defend a drug case in Michigan. This is why you should discuss your case with the best drug defense attorney in Michigan that you can afford.

Daniel D. Hajji is a Michigan Defense Attorney who has been fighting for his clients charged with Delivery and Manufacturing Marijuana, Cocaine, heroin and several other controlled substances.

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