Former Mayor Pays Restitution, Continues with Hearings After Appeals Case Sent Back

Former Mayor Pays Restitution, Continues with Hearings After Appeals Case Sent Back

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick—a client of Detroit Criminal Defense Attorney Daniel D. Hajji—is moving forward with some of his legal matters after a restitution payment was received and an appeals case was sent back to the lower court. The appeals case related to whether an order to have Mr. Kilpatrick's book profits seized for restitution was constitutional. The former mayor, who is also undergoing a trial in federal court for corruption charges in separate proceedings, has been represented by Attorney Hajji for various legal matters in the past.

A Fox News story titled "Kilpatrick's November restitution payment received" recently highlighted the case developments. According to the news story from last month, a $500 restitution payment that was due in November was finally received by the city of Detroit on Dec. 5. The late payment was part of the $1 million Mr. Kilpatrick had agreed to pay as part of previous plea deal in a previous case related to conspiracy, perjury and other charges. Following the receipt of the payment, Mr. Kilpatrick had $855,562.60 left to pay to the city, according to Fox News.

In addition to the matter of the late payment, Mr. Kilpatrick was also sent back to the Wayne County Circuit Court Judge David Groner regarding a court decision the former mayor had appealed. Previously, Mr. Kilpatrick had received a court order to have all the sale proceeds of a book he wrote surrendered to the city for restitution. On Mr. Kilpatrick's behalf, Attorney Hajji argued that this order was unconstitutional.

The Court of Appeals sent the case back to the trial court for further proceedings after considering the case moot due to lack of vital information related to Mr. Kilpatrick's financial benefit from the book sales, according to the appeals decision document. Moving forward with the legal matter, there were plans to schedule future hearing where Mr. Kilpatrick could testify about his book sale proceeds. The book is titled "Surrendered: The Rise, Fall & Revelation of Kwame Kilpatrick."

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