Dismissing A Domestic Violence Charge in Michigan

Dismissing A Domestic Violence Charge in Michigan

In Michigan, domestic violence arrests are ramapant. To avoid a domestic violence conviction on your record, your domestic violence attorney should make every conceivable attempt to weaken the Prosecutor's case and get the Prosecutor and the Judge to provide a deferred sentence or a dismissal upon entry of a domestic violence course and/or anger management classes in lieu of having a conviction placed on your criminal record. One way to do this is through the Michigan Act PA 769.4a.

Under this Act, you can have the charged dismissed. In other words, there will not be a conviction on your criminal record, thus it will not appear on your public record so long as you complete the probation program set by the Court. However, the Prosecutor does not have to give it to you or you may not qualify under the Act if you have a prior domestic violence charge or a long criminal history of criminal convictions.

A domestic violence conviction on your record can be problematic to your future, including, job opportunities, immigration status and other faucets of your personal and professional life. Therefore, you should never just plead guilty to a domestic violence charge in Michigan, even if you feel you are guilty, without first consulting with an experienced Michigan Domestic Violence Attorney.

Depending upon the type of assault charge, a conviction may result in probation or jail time, anger management education, a permanent record of the conviction and more. It may be possible to resolve your case without going to trial; however it is important to know that when it is necessary you are represented by a domestic violence attorney who is prepared to aggressively defend you in court.

Again, Do Not Plead Guilty Without Consulting A Criminal Defense Attorney. Call the Law Firm of Daniel D. Hajji & Associates for a free consultation.

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