New MI Laws 2013

New MI Laws 2013

New Michigan Laws to Take Effect

To toll the statute of limitations until the government decides whether someone committed the crime for kidnapping, extortion, AWIM, a/ murder, manslaughter, first degree home invasion.

A deferral under MCL 769.4a for domestic violence first offense charge in MI is now a prior conviction for purposes of enhancing Domestic violence charges.

MI Domestic violence third offense is now a 5 year felony instead of a 2 year felony in Michigan. Fines also are higher.

New crime of Assault by Strangulation or Suffocation in Michigan. This new law allows that anytime a police report indicates finger prints on the complainant's neck, it can result in a 10 year felony charge in Michigan.

PA 372 of 2012: MI Criminal Sexual Conduct on one's foster kids.

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