DUI / OWI Defense in MI

DUI / OWI Defense in MI


In Michigan, most drunk driving arrests start with a charge of OWI ("Operating While Intoxicated") or OWI with a High BAC ( "Blood Alcohol Content of .17 or higher).

An OWI conviction will now result in suspension of your driver's license for a short period of time followed by a restricted driver's license for even a longer period of time before you can get your regular driver's license restored back to normal. It also comes with 6 points added to your driving record as well as $2,000.00 for Driver Responsibility Fees, in addition to the court fines, costs and other fees imposed by the court.

If you do not plan on retaining a drunk driving attorney to help you, and want to get an OWI charge reduced or dismissed, you should first start with gathering the evidence before your first court pretrial hearing date. This evidence ought to include, police reports, BAC Data-master Ticket, In-Car Police Camera recordings, police station camera recordings, and if available and applicable, 911 recordings. In addition, you ought to request through the MI freedom of information act (FOIA), data-master and PBT logs to ensure that the police administered the breath tests properly in accordance with the administrative rules governing alcohol breath testing.

Once you gather these documents and materials, you should begin to evaluate them and highlight any discrepancies within. If you are, unwisely, proceeding without a good DUI Attorney to defend you, you should educate yourself with the legalities involving unconstitutional arrests and administrative rule violations regarding breath tests. Remember, mistakes or errors by the police can weaken the prosecutor's case and may lead to a reduction in your OWI charge or just a downright dismissal when you can show lack of evidence to convict.

In almost every OWI charge in Oakland, Macomb, Wayne, Washtenaw and many other counties in Michigan, we have a high success rate of dismissing an OWI charge to reduced charge that does not suspend our clients' driver's license.

A charge of OWI with a High BAC is a little different and much more difficult to get reduced, especially in Oakland and Macomb county. If you are charged with this offense, you should immediately contact the best DUI Attorney that you can afford. A OWI with a High BAC conviction will suspend your license for 45 days and to drive on a restricted license after the first 45 days, you will have the option to install a device on your vehicle for 321 days. You bare the expense for the installation of the device as well as the monthly fees that come with it. After the 1 year is up and you have no violations, you will have your driver's license fully restored provided that you have paid your driver's responsibility fees and other fees imposed by the MI Secretary of State. If you choose not to install the device on your vehicle, you will not be able to drive for 1 year but will be able to get your license fully restored thereafter.

Never just plead guilty to an OWI unless you have first talked to a DUI Attorney in Michigan. Further, do not make the mistake of negotiating your DUI charge without having your case evaluated properly and throughly by an experienced DUI Attorney. Many attorneys make this mistake and you should always make best efforts to retain a good DUI Attorney sooner than later.

If you have been charged with a DUI / OWI in Oakland County or Macomby County Michigan, contact Attorney Daniel D. Hajji for a free initial phone or office consultation. Main Office (248) 782-8322.

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