Criminal Defense Results

Criminal Defense Results


  • 1st (Drunk Driving)
  • BAC .13

Result: case dismissed

Drug Charge -

  • Cocaine Possession
  • Probation Violation Charge for Felony Firearm and Delivery
  • Habitual Offender and was facing 12 years Prison

Result: 2 years' probation, fines and costs, including drug treatment program, no jail or prison

Drunk Driving Felony-

  • 4th drunk driving

Result: 30 days in jail, fines and costs, 2 years' probation, including alcohol treatment program/tether

Drunk Driving Felony-

  • 5th drunk driving offense

Result: 45 days jail (client was released early), 5 years' probation including outpatient treatment, fines and costs.

License Restoration -

  • Client living out of state without driver's license for multiple DUIs

Result: restored Full License Privileges after hearing


  • 1st

Result: reduced to a 3-point traffic ticket (non-criminal)

Extortion Felony-

Jury trial: Client was facing two 20-year felonies. Mistrial declared. Juries questioned after trial and all were in favor of acquittal. Eventually, case dismissed before second trial started.

Result: Case Dismissed.


  • 2nd

Result: reduced to an Impaired Driving-2nd (lesser offense), probation and fines


  • 1st

Result: reduced to an Impaired, 1 year probation, fines and costs


  • 1st

Result: reduced to Impaired- non-reporting probation

Criminal Reckless Driving-

Result: reduced to a traffic ticket (non-criminal), $150 fine


Result: Dismissed


Result: reduced to no operator's license on person


  • 1st

Result: dismissed


  • 1st

Result: reduced to Impaired, no probation with only fines and costs

Multiple Traffic Misdemeanors-

Result: dismissed and plea to no-point civil infraction- payment of small fine

Probation Violation at the 48th District Court-

  • Plea

Result: to sentence of small fine only


  • 1st
  • Client facing life in prison

Result: plea result to sentence of small fine only

Drug Charge-

  • Felony

Result: plea to lesser offense with boot-camp

Probation Violation-

Client was sentenced to 90 days in jail. While serving jail, family retained arty Daniel D. Hajji. Client was released from jail within a few hours after the hearing.