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If you are being charged with a criminal offense, whether serious or not, a criminal defense attorney may be able to eradicate or markedly lessen the penalties. You need an attorney who is willing to aggressively and vigorously fight for your rights. The penalties you are facing such as jail time, fines, a permanent record, probation, punitive damages, and community service can have a negative impact on your livelihood for a long time to come. If you have recently been charged with a crime, don't risk it all by not hiring representation; speak with a Wayne County criminal defense attorney today. We support our clients with aggressive defense tactics in any of the following types of criminal offenses:

If you are ever arrested, always ensure that you obtain an attorney immediately. Make no statements to the police until you can hire a lawyer, anything you say can be used against you at a later date. The police are going to assist the prosecution in your conviction that is their goal. When prosecution and law enforcement team up against you, it is nearly impossible to avoid conviction unless you have the help of a highly skilled criminal defense attorney.

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Attorney Daniel D. Hajji works dedicatedly to expose the weak points in the prosecution's case against you. In addition, he researches diligently to gather facts and evidence that can contribute to your strong defense case. Each client receives personal attention and care. Our firm believes that keeping clients up to date on their cases and satisfied is a professional duty. You are given your attorney's phone number to call any time you have a question and your calls will not be screened depending on what kind of case you have.

We work on a flat fee because we find that most clients prefer it. It can be beneficial to have an overall picture of how much your legal assistance will cost you. Our attorneys work very hard to maintain their knowledge of criminal defense so that clients know they are receiving top-notch representation.

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