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Getting the Assistance You Need for Criminal Defense

If you or a loved one have recently been charged with a crime of any kind, it is absolutely imperative that you do not hesitate to secure the legal assistance of a knowledgeable Troy criminal defense lawyer as quickly as possible. The time immediately following a situation such as this can be one of the most harrowing, exhausting and emotionally stressful times that you can imagine. Successful criminal convictions can lead to detrimental ramifications that are difficult, if not impossible to completely overcome. Depending on the crime you are facing, you could be at risk for such consequences as extended stays in prison or jail, steep monetary fines, or such penalties as restitution paid to the victim or the victim's families.

Your future is too important to leave these things up to change; you need an experienced attorney with the skills and knowledge to competently assist you. I, attorney Daniel D. Hajji, have years of experience working in situations such as this and am ready to put my knowledge to work for you. I specialize in all areas of criminal defense, but am especially skilled at handling cases involving DUI/OWI. Charges of this nature are not taken lightly in Michigan, and you should not treat them lightly.

Why Hire a Troy Criminal Defense Attorney?

You need to be confident that your rights are being protected by someone with both the skills and the resources to properly assist you. With comprehensive, dynamic support, I am ready to help you in every way available to me. I understand that success often lies in the details and am therefore completely devoted to ensuring my clients all receive this level of high-quality, thorough advice and assistance.

Do not hesitate - contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Troy for your initial case consultation.

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