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Criminal charges are no laughing matter and should never be treated with anything but the severity and gravity that they deserve. If your case is mishandled or wrongly put into the care of an untried or simply apathetic lawyer, it can turn sour and turn sour quickly. You cannot put your future at risk by enlisting the help of an attorney that you cannot trust. You deserve to be represented by a heavyweight Sterling Heights criminal defense attorney; someone with both the resources and the knowledge to properly combat your charges and protect your rights at every possible turn.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in Sterling Heights

I, attorney Daniel D. Hajji, have the skills and the knowledge to properly assist my clients who are currently being accused of a crime. I specialize in all areas of criminal defense, from sex offenses to juvenile crimes, however, I am especially proficient at defending my clients against charges of DUI/OWI. Cases involving these types of situations are complex and can be difficult to navigate without the experience of a knowledgeable lawyer to serve as your guide.

I have seen firsthand the effects that criminal charges can have on the accused, and understand that you cannot afford to risk these kinds of consequences. With penalties that range from extended stays in prison or jail to steep monetary fines, you need to be confident that you are being protected in every way possible. If you choose to work with me, you can breathe easier knowing that I will put my years of experience to work for you. With comprehensive, dynamic guidance, I will stop at nothing in my efforts to bring you your desired outcome.

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