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Are you accused of a crime?

Trusting your freedoms and future to an inexperienced attorney can be costly. There are better options available to you. Some attorneys simply lack familiarity in the court room or the natural ability to present a compelling defense case to a jury. A Royal Oak criminal defense lawyer from my firm has the proven knowledge and skills at trial that you want on your side. My law office has provided effective criminal defense for numerous clients over the past 10 years. I am a member in good standing of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan Association and the American Bar Association. I am also a proud Wayne State alumnus.

My firm represents individuals accused of a wide variety of offenses including violent, sex, federal, juvenile and white collar crimes, to name a few. I assist people in Royal Oak who have convicted and are seeking an expungement of their criminal records. My firm also takes fast action to help those who are accused of probations violations. I want you to have a determined, aggressive defense regardless of what you have been accused of. Don't allow your rights and liberties to be at risk - get defense counsel fighting for you on an immediate basis.

Two crucial factors determine the outcome of your case - preparation and presentation. Experience clearly demonstrates that the attorney you retain is a critical factor, no matter what evidence could be present in your case. My firm builds cases on a foundation of detailed, exhaustive investigation and preparation. I am an experienced trial attorney who has the experience to convincingly present cases to a judge or jury.

Many law firms bill for their services based on a large hourly fee. Your case may be given to a legal assistant and you may not even be able to contact or speak to your defense attorney for weeks or longer. My firm does not operate this way. I take a distinctly different approach towards service to my clients and the expense of their cases. I decided that my firm can, in many instances, offer services for defense representation at a flat rate, which can be a great advantage financially.

Defense Tactics that Work

I employ hard-hitting tactics designed to exploit any flaws in police actions, the evidence against you and the way your case is prosecuted. I do this from the start through to the resolution of your case. An initial point that I make with my clients is that there are multiple ways I can defend them. I do not yet know the specific charges you face but the examples below will help to illustrate how I can assist you.

Arrests for domestic violence are commonly founded on a report from one person. My investigation and questioning of witnesses may reveal that the accuser was motivated by jealousy, a momentary upset, a desire for revenge or even to gain the upper hand in a divorce. When I present my evidence to the court, it could lead to your charges being dismissed, reduced or other positive alternative.

In assault and battery charges, I research to find out what actually happened. I am on your side, and want to hear from you what took place in the incident. In cases of assault, there could be reason that you needed to defend yourself. You deserve to have a skilled attorney on your side and ready to fight back for you. My mission is to provide the highest level of defense counsel possible in every case I take on.

DUI/OWI cases routinely depend on scientific evidence. I know how to question breath and blood tests to reveal their flaws and illustrate that the results are unreliable. Another area I research is whether the police stop that led to your arrest was lawful. I can take legal action when the evidence against you was improperly obtained.

I am on your side.

There are many other instances I could present of defense strategies that could be employed. I advise you to take several actions, regardless of whether you decide to retain me as your attorney. First is to contact an experienced defense attorney as quickly as you can. It is your best hope for a positive outcome. The second is to remain silent and do not talk with investigators until your lawyer is present. The actions you take at this moment in time will go far in determining how your case is resolved.

If you are charged with a crime, act now to contact a Royal Oak criminal defense attorney from my firm to learn your legal options and rights.

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