Criminal Defense Lawyer in Rochester

Aggressive Protection of Your Legal Rights

Your attorney must act with great determination, strategy and skill to win your case. My firm has provided hard-hitting defenses to individuals for more than 10 years. I differ from many other attorneys in that I practice criminal defense aggressively no matter what evidence exists. I approach each case fully determined to seek out any possible advantage, from start to the final resolution. Many cases are charged on a flat-fee basis, with no surprises. A large number of law offices will charge you an hourly rate for their legal services. Your case can be given to a first-year lawyer or paralegal and you may find almost never speak directly to your attorney. For small town residents from Rochester, this type of impersonal relationship can make a tough ordeal even more frustrating. I operate differently, and whenever possible charge a flat fee for my defense counsel.

I am proud to be a member of the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan Association, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the American Bar Association. I am also a graduate of Wayne State University in Michigan. I established my firm with the goal of producing the best result possible in criminal cases, including yours.

I safeguard the rights of people accused of violent crimes, DUI/OWI offenses, drug charges, probation violations and other criminal acts. My firm protects those charged with federal, sex, white collar, juvenile or theft and property crimes. I know what to do if you if have an outstanding warrant and want need to avoid being taken into custody, or need to be released after an arrest. I also know how to achieve an expungement of your criminal record if you have a conviction on your record that is impacting various opportunities.

The State of Michigan vigorously prosecutes any criminal act. If police suspect you have committed a crime, even if you haven't, they will be determined to proceed with a case against you. When a prosecutor feels he or she can obtain a conviction, they do all within their power to do so, and this is his or her duty to the state. It is imperative that you have legal representation from a committed Rochester criminal defense attorney, as early as possible after your arrest.

Defense Against Misdemeanor and Felony Charges in Rochester

It is an advantage to get my firm involved early in your defense, for the protection of your legal rights. This is true whether you have charged, or are currently the target in a criminal investigation and have not yet been charged. The actions I take at the very start of the defense process can have a big impact on the charges against, including the level (misdemeanor or felony). Police and other investigators make mistakes in how the case against you is constructed. They can be overzealous or careless in the way evidence is obtained, analyzed and maintained. Your case may have serious flaws or errors, which will be exploited in your defense.

I research carefully to identify the defects in misdemeanor and felony cases. I am highly experienced in actions to undertake in getting the evidence suppressed, as well as in taking advantage of the errors that police or prosecutors make. There are several actions you can take at the beginning of your case that could help you avoid conviction, or even being arrested. Call upon my firm at once if you are in trouble with the law. After an arrest, you must exercise your right to remain silent. Investigators take advantage of a person's willingness to converse or an individual's misconception that they can talk their way out of a case. Until I am there to assist you, don't make any statements beyond identifying yourself.

Both misdemeanor and felony cases follow a specific pattern. In either level of charge, the first court appearance is the arraignment, when you are formally charged. I get involved in analyzing all of the details in the evidence, and all police actions and other evidence against you prior to this hearing. I can also discuss with you how your arraignment is likely to proceed and what options are open to you. The judge will tell you what you are charged with, allow you to make a plea to the charges and he or she may also set bail at this hearing. For a felony case there is a preliminary examination where the prosecution must demonstrate that there is enough evidence for your case to go to trial. I am with you, fighting for the best result possible throughout all hearings and conferences.

My firm is always working towards a dismissal or reduction of your charges or to produce a favorable verdict at trial. Contact a Rochester criminal defense lawyer from my firm to discuss your case. I am on your side.

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