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In criminal law cases, finding the right attorney can make a world of difference. An experienced lawyer may be able to reduce or dismiss your charges altogether. Attorney Daniel D. Hajji is dedicated to defending client's rights and standing up to accusations made by the prosecution. Whether or not you think your case is serious, an attorney may be valuable to you.

Criminal cases often carry daunting penalties such as jail time, probation, hefty fines and the loss of the ability to have certain professional licenses. It can also make finding quality employment at a later date difficult or impossible. In today's competitive job market, having a criminal record can be a serious handicap. If you are facing criminal charges don't wait to speak with an Oakland County criminal defense attorney. Our firm provides aggressive legal representation for clients facing any of the following types of criminal charges:

Help for those facing Criminal Charges

If you are arrested by law enforcement, ensure that you speak with an attorney before making any statements to police. This is not only the best course of action, it is your right. Law enforcement and prosecution will sometimes have evidence that they have gathered over a lengthy period. In such a case it is vital to have a highly skilled attorney on your side that knows the ins and outs of prosecution.

Our firm prides itself on the intensive and personalized care each client receives. Every client we retain is given the attorney's phone number so that they can reach him if need be. Regardless of whether your case is a felony, misdemeanor, high or low fee, we will keep you informed about the progress of your case. We believe that clients' should be satisfied with the results they are presented. Our flat rate fee is liked by most clients because it gives them a better idea of how much the legal assistance will cost.

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