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No criminal case is perfect. The initial step in crafting a defense is a full review of all evidence, from police reports to witness statements through to lab procedures and all other details, to identify the errors and flaws that could be exploited. For over a decade I have employed hard-hitting criminal defense strategies and tactics to the benefit of my clients. I have a thorough understanding of criminal law through being a member in good standing of the American Bar Association, the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan Association and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. At my firm, I continue to stay up to date on the latest techniques to defend those who are facing criminal accusations.

I also strive to make my actions as cost-effective as I feasibly can. Many law firms charge you a fee based on an hourly rate. You get billed for any actions taken even if you are not able to regularly talk to your attorney to find out about the progress of your case. I take a different attitude towards my clients and my firm works on a flat-rate fee whenever possible. My goal is to provide you with a successful defense at an affordable rate. This allows my clients to have top quality defense counsel at a price that is reasonable, with no surprises.

My firm represents individuals facing weapons charges or accusations of theft and property crimes, DUI/OWI offenses, juvenile crimes and more. As an accomplished Birmingham criminal defense lawyer, I help those accused of violent, drug, fraud, sex or federal offenses. I also assist people who have been convicted of a crime and are seeking an expungement of their criminal records, as well as defending against probation violations.

You have been charged with a criminal offense. The responsibility for the outcome of your case rests in large part with your defense attorney, and the skills with which your defense case is developed. The prosecutor has the burden of proof in a criminal case. He or she must demonstrate that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. It is not necessary to fully prove that you are innocent. When I raise sufficient doubt or question as regards your guilt, it can be enough to prevent conviction for a crime.

Exposing Illegal Search and Seizure and Other Defense Strategies

My firm defends your case based on detailed investigation, research and preparation. I look at the circumstances the led up to your arrest plus examine whether the police had sufficient legal reason to search you and your property. I question the specific procedures used by law enforcement in collecting and handling evidence against you. My office reviews the arrest itself to see if you were properly given your rights.

I analyze every detail of your case.

My firm will engage in a detailed analysis of each piece of evidence in your case. I may find that investigators or a prosecutor took shortcuts in preparing the charges against you. It is possible that your case has serious errors that could be exploited for your defense, whether in police procedure, illegal search, illegal stop or in another aspect of the evidence. My research can reveal that police were lax in following up on other possible leads that could have led to someone else being arrested for the crime you are accused of committing.

All of my actions are geared towards producing the most favorable outcome that can be reached in your case. I push to get your charges dismissed when my investigation and analysis reveal that the case against you is based on illegally obtained evidence. I aggressively pursue a reduction of charges when this is the most viable option available. When I get your charges reduced it will lessen the penalties you could have imposed by the court. If I take your case to trial, I only do so with one purpose in mind; I am intent on pursuing an acquittal.

You and your family will likely wish to know the penalties you could face if you are convicted. My purpose is to see that you never have to face this possibility, and I will keep you well-informed about every detail in your case. The judge in a case makes the decision about what an appropriate sentence should be in a conviction. He or she will follow specific laws and guidelines in order to make a decision. An individual can be sentenced the day he or she is convicted or the judge may decide to do it at a later date. Sentencing guidelines place a point value on specific crimes.

Typical penalties include serving time in jail or prison as well as fines, restitution, probation and in some cases, forfeiture of property. For certain crimes you may be required to do community service or suffer the loss of your driving privileges and seizure of your property. All convictions become part of your permanent criminal record.

I can provide you more detailed information when we meet to discuss your case. My firm has multiple ways to obtain a favorable conclusion to criminal cases, no matter charges are filed, whether in state or federal court. I urge you to contact an attorney from my office today so that the initial defense actions can be undertaken without delay.

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